1. Have completed grade 10 (grade 12 preferred).
  2. Make an appointment to do an aptitude test at the Union office.
  3. Complete application paperwork.
  4. Briefly talk to an organizer.
  5. Be placed on a list to be invited to a two-day orientation.
  6. Attend the orientation.
  7. Seek out an employer, with the union’s assistance.
  8. Pay first union dues and initiation fee, collect dispatch slip.
  9. Follow all guidelines as set by the Local Joint Apprenticeship Committee (LJAC).
  10. Register with the province through the LJAC.
  11. Complete 9000 hours of work experience, including 24 weeks of technical training (day school) as well as Local 30 night school.
  12. Successfully complete all required examinations.
  13. Pay all prescribed fees.