Sheet Metal Benefits Summary

Local 30 members are entitled to welfare and pension benefits based on contributions remitted by employers to Local 30’s benefit plans.

Employers are required to make such contributions for each hour worked by Local 30 members.

Employers must remit these contributions by the 20th day of the month that directly follows the month in which work is performed. For example, contributions for hours worked in January will be due by February 20th.

A Local 30 member will become eligible for welfare benefits only after he or she has worked a total of 217 hours. As remittance runs one month behind you can expect to be eligible to participate in the plan in the beginning of the following month once you have reached the 217 hours.

Members may contact the benefit plan administrator to determine if contributions have been received and to confirm coverage.

A Local 30 member will have pension contributions remitted on his or her behalf beginning with the 3rd year of apprenticeship in the sheet metal trade. The benefit plan administrator mails out a pension statement to members bi-annually, listing the number of hours reported by employers.

Members are advised to review these statements carefully to ensure that they accurately reflect total hours worked. For more detailed information on the plans please visit the website or contact the Benefit Office at (905) 946-9700 or 1-800-263-3564.