Siding & Decking Dues

It is every member’s obligation to pay their monthly dues on time to maintain good standing membership. It is a good idea to pay your dues in advance in order to be eligible for the most benefits that are available by virtue of union membership. Currently, monthly dues are $50.00 per month for active members.

Dues may be paid in the following ways:
1. Paid in person at the Union office with Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cheque (**there is a $1.00 per transaction fee for using Debit and a 3% charge for using credit cards);

2. Via Mail to the Union office by cheque or money order;

3. Via Telephone to the Union office with Visa or MasterCard (** the 3% charge will apply);

4. Via Direct Withdrawal from your bank account (contact the Union office for forms and information about the Direct Withdrawal Plan)

Any post-dated cheques will be held and deposited as dated.

*An income tax receipt will be issued by the local union for monthly dues. Hourly dues deductions will be reported by your employer on the T-4 slip issued to you for tax purposes.