Siding & Decking Training

Local 30 offers a variety of courses on an ongoing basis. Courses will proceed provided that there is significant registration.

The following courses are open to members who work under the Provincial Sheet Metal Collective Agreement. Apprentices will not be accepted for any course that interferes with night school attendance.

Deposits are required for each course and will be returned upon successful completion or proof of 85% attendance.

If you require further information on the courses outlined below, or to register contact Derek MacLachlan (416) 299-7260 Ext: 225 to have your name placed on a waiting list.

Health & Safety

This course will give participants confidence to discuss and know safety issues at their workplace. Local 30 has been a leader in promoting health & safety training in the construction industry. A key component of a pleasant & productive work place must include safety training.

HS1 Level I

Training Criteria/Objective

This course will instruct on:

Current Ontario Safety Regulations
WHIMIS Regulations and WHIMIS label
Designated substances
Personal Protective Equipment

HS2 Level 2 LAW

Training Criteria/Objective

This course will instruct will advise participants of your rights under current legislation. The participants will learn the best practices in documenting safety concerns.


Training Criteria/Objective

Participants will learn the structure and function of safety committees. The legal requirement of employers when committees are required.

Basic Supervision

This program is intended for crew-level construction supervisors — especially those who have never received any training in supervisory skills or in their health and safety responsibilities under Ontario law.

Topics include:

  • Elements of supervision
  • Motivation and communication
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Health and safety programs
  • Site emergencies and accident investigation
  • Construction injuries and fatalities


Obtaining and renewing your welding certification is a very valuable asset in our industry. Having your welding certificate and the appropriate expertise will increase your opportunity for being dispatched and/or continuing your current employment.

Local 30 has arranged for Mig, Tig and Stick welding courses to be available to you at the following locations:

Weldtech Training
(905) 567-1388

Ontario Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre
(905) 829-5655

Canadian Welding Skills
(705) 292-0494

Members must contact one of the above three schools to register.
Members must contact the union hall to notify that they are enrolled in a course and submit a $250.00 deposit to Local 30. The $250.00 deposit will be used if a member does not show up for a welding class without notifying the teacher and the welding school charges Local 30 for that missed time.
The $250.00 deposit will be returned to members after proof of completion has been shown and as long as they have attended 100% of their classes.

First Aid

This course will train workers on proper procedures in case of a medical emergency. The course is open to all sheet metal members and is highly recommended given the nature of our industry. Stewards and Health & Safety Representatives appointed by the union are especially urged to take this course.

Topics include:

  • Emergency scene management, wounds & bleeding, shock, levels of consciousness, burns and poisons
  • Recognition of heart attack and stroke
  • Adult and child CPR, choking and resuscitation procedures
  • Bone and joint injuries
  • Head, neck and spinal injuries
  • Eye, ear and nose injuries
  • Heat and cold emergencies
  • Medical conditions: Diabetes, allergic reactions, asthma and seizures

Stewardship/My Union

A steward is a sheet metal worker who assists in resolving minor collective agreement disputes on a job site or in a shop. This course will give you the tools to be an effective steward. Duration: One Saturday

Starting: Pending interest Minimum of 8 participants. Lunch provided. Location: Local 30 Union Hall.

My Union

Want to find out more about your Union?

This course offers open discussion as well as video presentations and guest speakers. Participants will have the opportunity to share their stories and experiences about the value of their union.

The course is designed to respond to the political and media attacks on our labour movement. To understand where we are going, we must first know where we have been, and the mistakes we have made. Together we can change the conversation. It is time to celebrate the achievements we have made and the contributions of unions and their members to our society.

Duration: 4 hours Dinner provided.

Starting: Pending interest Minimum of 8 participants.

Location: Local 30 Union Hall.

This course may also be available in the Barrie, Oshawa, Newmarket and Mississauga areas pending interest and registration.

Please make every effort to attend this class.