The following e-mail message was communicated to the Building Trades affiliates on March 24, 2021

Good morning,

As we discussed yesterday on our conference call, the government has now officially added construction workers to phase 2, Second Group of Essential Workers Who Cannot Work from Home: “Workers in manufacturing industries directly involved in supporting the COVID – 19 response, construction including infrastructure, and other essential businesses and services where facilities are at heightened risk for COVID – 19 outbreaks and spread.” This may be found on page 20 of the attached document.

This is great news for our industry and the men and women we represent who have been working through this pandemic doing their part to build our great cities. The government is still working out logistics on how it will happen and, potentially, the proof required to receive the vaccine ie: union membership card. We will share more as we learn more. 


James St. John

Business Manager / Financial Secretary

Central Ontario Building Trades

Excepts from the document referred to in the email above.