There are a variety of Production shops represented by Local 30. Each company has its own classifications, wages and collective agreements.



Monthly dues for production workers are deducted by employers and remitted to the union on their behalf. The amount of monthly dues can vary from employer to employer, based on factors such as classification and hours worked.

Since monthly dues are not deducted when members are not working, production workers who wish to maintain continuous good standing membership must pay their dues directly to the local union when they are not working. It is also a good idea to have your dues paid in advance in order to be eligible for the most benefits that are available by virtue of union membership.

Dues may be paid directly to the local union in the following ways:

  1. Paid in person at the Union office with Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cheque (**there is a $1.00 per transaction fee for using Debit and a 2.5% charge for using credit cards);
  2. Via Mail to the Union office by cheque or money order;
  3. Via Telephone to the Union office with Visa or MasterCard (** the 2.5% charge will apply);
  4. Via Direct Withdrawal from your bank account (contact the Union office for forms and information about the Direct Withdrawal Plan) [Note: This plan is not practical for production workers because dues are regularly deducted and remitted to the union by employers]

Any post-dated cheques will be held and deposited as dated.

*An income tax receipt will be issued by the local union for dues paid.


Offline Forms

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Follow this link to download a program to open the PDF if you do not already have one:

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