Recruiting at Syncrude

Good Day, All.

Normally Syncrude Corporate Labour Relations would mail out physical recruitment packages to the Building Trades Unions across Canada. However, as we all know, this year is not normal and so we are replacing those packages with an electronic version to ensure that we can reach as many of your members as possible.

I ask that you share the below information with your organization and colleagues as we ask our Canadian Skilled Trades to come and work with Syncrude on the turnaround event Project Gryphon.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

“Come work for Project Gryphon during Spring Maintenance Turnaround Find out more about opportunities for the Skilled Trades and what your colleagues are saying about working at Syncrude.

As we prepare to welcome teams to execute Syncrude’s 2021 Project Gryphon Event, focus and commitment from all workers will be required in order to carry out the plan safely. We have robust COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone safe.

SyncrudeTurnaround #oilsands”

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